What can you expect using our services?
Clarity, Trust, Transparency, Quality, Responsibility, Long term support.
What cannot have from us?
Over-engineering, Partner-vendor, BullSh****.


Do you have an idea/need, and your current provider said that this is too complicated or impossible to achieve? Let's meet and tell us what you're looking for and your expectations. If we can imagine it, we can do it!

Do you have code written in Paleolithic times? As CA (Computer Archeologist), we specialize in digging directly inside the code of legacy systems, integrating and connecting them with other systems/platforms.

Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, Embedded, IoT, Firmware, ... we have no limits.


Are you planning to burn your whole company with your employees in because each department is generating data in different systems and you can't get the full picture of it?. Stop it! We might have a solution for you... (or recommended you a reliable gasoline provider).

Are you sinking into tons of different Excel files or unstructured documents? We developed a system that allows us to process all of them easily in record time. And no, it's not a guy inside a box doing the job manually.

Data Analytics, IA, Machine Learning, ETL Pipelines, Real-time Monitoring, Distribution Systems, etc.

and Security

Your data is moving like it was on a donkey? Do you have doubts about the access restrictions to different folders and systems?
We can improve and verify the performance and the security of your company's network.

VPN, Network Monitoring, etc.


We don't want to finish our brief presentation of our services without mentioning some of the achievements that each member of our team has made throughout their career which differentiate us from others. These are some relevant examples:

  • Improvement of an existing process application that took weeks for each process was reduced to only 2 hours.

  • Development of a new paradigm of capturing knowledge based on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • Integration of new web-based interface systems inside a complex legacy application.

  • Implementation and Coaching of Agile techniques and culture on a big Company to improve project management.

  • Design and implementation of the Network between different head-quarters, including Manufacturing data.

  • Our Team

    We are a tight group of ONLY Seniors Architects and Developers who complement each other in various areas such as Security, Communications, Application Development, Quality, Data Management, etc.
    We are united as friends with a shared passion: Computer Engineer.

    antonio castellon

    Antonio Castellon | Architect & Software Engineer

    The glue of the team, with more than 25 years working on all kind of projects: Manufacturing, Aerospace, Military, Science, Education, etc.
    As a polyglot programmer he can expand and develop any kind of solution practically in any kind of language or framework.

    He loves to be involved in crazy projects where to struggle uses his imagination provide solutions that never been done before. Focus always on Keep-it-Simple-S* and the code must be self-explanatory per se.

    Raul Lopez | Network Architect - Platform Engineer

    Our Network Architect and Security specialist on infrastructure and application level previously more than 25 years for a big finance institution (Banc Sabadell) where he was a pioneer on IPv6.

    He is our Master when something needs to be properly connected (performance & security), focused on distributed computing, fault tolerance and performance. Open Source solutions evangelist. Linux geek. Freelance programming with Rust (mainly), Java, Javascript (NodeJS), Python and R.

    Raul Alares | Software Architect - Test Manager

    More than 25 years of experience in software definition and implementation on different sectors as Energy, Space, Defense and Financial. He can write code in several languages as C, ADA, PERL, and Python.

    He is curious and attentive to details and always available to work on challenging projects especially if they involve new knowledge. He loves teaching is passionate about Artificial Intelligence.

    Joan Gallifa | Software Architect

    Over 25 years of experience in designing, developing and integrating software services and building corporate information systems for institutions of several sectors, especially in education sector.

    His mindset was pioneer in building information systems like a puzzle using a large variety of microservices.


    As guest artists, sometimes we have the honor to collaborate with other great Engineers like the following ones:

    Daniel Prado | Technical Program Manager & Software Development Manager

    20 years of experience in diverse sectors (aerospace, defense, finance, telecommunications...), leading all kinds of projects from small to large, from start-ups to cross-national programs for large corporations and international joint ventures.

    He also performs as Scrum master and has developed software for projects like: Command & Control centers, self-driving technologies, computer vision and deep learning.

    Contact Us

    Zaunweg 5, Biel/Bienne
    2502 - Bern,

    We travel to the company at agreed times and at client's pace, or we work remotely for your convenience.
    You can see on the map the most common places where our team is involved on projects.